Written records archive

The written records archive is organised by the principle of provenance. The creator of a collection or stock - a person, a company or an institution - determines the context of records and materials. This ensures that information on how the stock was created and structured is preserved. In case a meaningful connection between the previous owner and the collection’s contents does not exist, the materials are sorted by film title.

It must be pointed out that the majority of records belongs to GDR film history. Here, literary preliminary work for films, correspondences, records of production history as well as of the distributor of DEFA feature and documentary films or of cinemas can be found. Moreover, materials from the department of dramaturgy of " Konrad Wolf" Film and Television College and from the Association of Film and Television Personnel of the GDR as well as personal documents have been preserved.

Screenplays / literary preliminary work
The collection comprises approx. 2,000 screenplays, treatments, exposés, spec scripts, editing lists, etc. Scripts for films that were not realised are included as well. The collection is divided into shooting scripts and general screenplays. Due to their exceptional value, shooting scripts are stored separately. Containing drawings, photos and handwritten notes, they provide significant information about their previous owner.
In terms of contents and chronology, the collection mainly consists of scripts for DEFA productions made during GDR times.

DEFA feature films / DEFA documentary films
Collection of production records as well as documents of various production units and departments.

Personal records
Collection of documents on individual persons.

Verband der Film- und Fernsehschaffenden der DDR (VFF)
(Association of Film and Television Personnel of the GDR)
Collection of personnel department records as well as documents from individual sections, members' tables and personnel files, minutes of members' elections and meetings, documents on international and national festivals, on the sections' activities, on foreign relations, correspondence with members, institutions and associations from 1968 to 1990.

Kooperationsgemeinschaft Film
(Collaborative Film Community)
Production records, accounts, financial reports, screenplay and production releases, festival materials from 1976 - 1985.

"Konrad Wolf" Film and Television College
Collection of records from the college's department of dramaturgy, among others: treatments, concepts, appraisals, correspondence in connection with film projects, acceptance protocols.

Material on the cinemas "International" (Berlin) and "Melodie" (Potsdam) as well as on Kreisfilmstelle Plauen.

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