Kostüm- und Szenenbild



In terms of artistic achievements, production / set design belonged to the outstanding domains of film production at the Babelsberg studios since the 1920s. Offering an extensive documentation of imagery from DEFA feature films, the museum's collection is unique. It also comprises a few sketches from the time before 1945 and some material from films produced after 1990. The most comprehensive and prominent collection is devoted to Alfred Hirschmeier, who was involved in the most important DEFA films and later became head of the studio's art department.

Approximately 12,000 set sketches, drafts, construction plans, storyboards and location photos provide an insight into the work of set designers and architects / draftsmen. These items have been attributed exclusively to persons and are indexed by person and sorted by film title.
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Entwurf von Max Douy zu "Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder" (R: Wolfgang Staudte, 1955)
Szenenbildentwurf von Hans Poppe für den DEFA-Kinderfilm "Das Feuerzeug" (1959)
Szenenbildentwurf von Alfred Drosdek für den DEFA-Film "Rotkäppchen" (1962)