Personal items

Personal items provide a haptic connection to donors and a "view behind the scenes". Besides, such paraphernalia are indispensable to any film museum's work as they allow exhibition visitors to experience film history with their senses.

Among the collected items are traveling suitcases (e.g., of Jenny Jugo and Leni Riefenstahl), hat boxes, talismans, jewelry (e.g., of Zarah Leander and Irene von Meyerndorff), office utensils, working tables (e.g., of Alfred Hirschmeier), stationery items, make-up utensils, smoking equipment, and cameras. Music instruments (such as the accordions of Hans Heinrich, Hans Albers, and Carl Raddatz) as well as various pottery items reflect personal hobbies and interests. Needless to say, the collections on composers such as Karl-Ernst Sasse and Peter Kreuder also contain a wide variety of music instruments and batons.

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