Guided tours

We offer guided tours through the permanent exhibition

Guided tours invite visitors to discover 100 years of filmmaking in Babelsberg and the ever-changing world of film production in a playful and intuitive way. Multimedia contents allow you to get involved - from sending an e-mail with casting footage to singing karaoke with movie stars to editing your own trailer.
If desired, exhibition visits can be combined with film screenings.
All exhibition contents and guided tours are bilingual (German and English). During guided exhibition tours, you will discover stars, filmmakers, and 100 years of film history and trivia. Screenplays, film equipment, costumes, documents, and film clips contribute to a rich educational experience. The tour ends in the "premiere" theme room where visitors can ask questions, discuss their impressions, and learn more about films and their historical context.

The texts in our interactive information system are also available in English.

Booking: Beate Rabe, Phone (0049/331) 27181-12/-11

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