ORWO magnetic tape

Concluding report, supported by an Erasmus assisted programme on ORWO magnetised audio material archived in the FILMUSEUM POTSDAM/5.September 2018

90% of the Film material in the Film Museum (Potsdam) consists of film and audio/soundtracks produced in the film factories of Agfa (1954-1967) and Orwo (1967-1994. The development in the production becomes evident in that at different stages other compounds were used and that they are not made of the same substances.1.These specific constituents must be ascertained so that deterioration of the material is prevented using simple methods to facilitate storage and conservation.
This is based on the research made by Ms Bosi, as tabulated or listed (compounds for 15 types of film material) kept in the archives of the Film Museum. Using this list should make it easier to storage film material according to the individual requirements of the substance constituents.

ORWO Types Table