A permanent exhibition on the history of the Babelsberg studios, travelling exhibitions and small special exhibitions in the museum's foyer offer an insight into the world of film to visitors of all ages.

Permanent exhibition

The Dream Factory - 100 Years of Film in Babelsberg

STRIKING Film advertisement and propaganda in democracy and dictatorship Germany 1930 - 1950

Exhibition and film series at the Filmmuseum Potsdam
12 April 2019 until 28 August 2019

Foyer exhibition

Occupying the museum's gallery and parts of the lower foyer, the exhibitons are predominantly dedicated to the new acquisitions of the archive.

Special Objects of Archives

Ausstellungsvitrine im Foyer des Filmmuseums


Eine Übersicht der nächsten Ausstellungen im Filmmuseum Potsdam.


Eine Übersicht der vergangenen Ausstellungen im Filmmuseum Potsdam.