Workingman´s Death
Workingman´s Death

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WORK IN PROGRESS Invent yourself, invent anew!

Film and event series on the change of work

Filmmuseum Potsdam, Potsdam Technical College FHP und Society of Friends and Patrons of Filmmuseum Potsdam e.V.,
Place: Filmmuseum Potsdam / Potsdam Technical College (FHP)
Period: April to June 2007

This project is initiated by Filmmuseum Potsdam (Landesmuseum) in cooperation with Potsdam Technical College (FHP)

Under the title "Invent yourself, invent anew!", we will examine the concussions of individual and social positioning caused by the breakup of the working society and the accompanying increase of (social) pedagogical demands of competence, using films, theatre and on-site research/field trips. Central topics of this intermedia event series are
- the history and breakup of the working society,
- employment in East and West Germany,
- the transition from an industrial to a knowledge-based society and
- the radical modularisation of the working biography.

Besides film presentations, lectures and discussion forums, students and members of the teaching staff of Potsdam Technical College will realise media- and aesthetics-related study projects and present their findings on "The Future of Work":
Aesthetic investigations on entering and exiting the world of work - with students and pensioners from Potsdam
- Survey: case management and educational support in employment
- Event on the topic "The Eternal Intern"
Foyer exhibition at the SCHAUFENSTER of Potsdam Technical College