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The focus of the collection of the Filmmuseum Potsdam are films that have arisen since 1911 in the Babelsberg film studios, as well as artists who have contributed to them, also film and cinema technique that has been used in Germany. Great room take materials and objects to a history of cinema and film of the GDR.

The holdings document production, distribution and reception of films. These include screenplays, set- and costume designs, production documents, photographs and testimonies as representational models, props, costumes, film awards. The theatrical release prove, inter alia, posters, film programs and press clippings. Special room discounts and take advantage of artists and closed collections - among other things, to the development of the studio lot in Babelsberg and cinema culture. Eye witness accounts and a video and film archives are available for scientific purposes. The collection of cinematographic equipment is completed by written documents to more than 700 companies and a patent collection.

The conservation department is entrusted with the backup and recovery of stocks.

The Film Museum of the GDR was opened in 1981 as a special cultural and historical museum, whose collection consisted exclusively Film and cinema technology from the National Film Archive of the GDR. In 1990 the construction of its own stock. After settlement of the DEFA Studios and the closure of cinemas in East Germany came to a large extent testimony of film and cinema history of the GDR into the possession of the museum. Targeted collection activities in all phases of the Babelsberg film history set in. In 1995 reflect the appropriate spaces staffed grown collection department. Archives and depots have been set up, the museum's restoration workshop equipped with new laboratory equipment. Purchases, donations and permanent loans expand since the stocks.

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By public transport: S-Bahn (urban rail) or regional train to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (central station), Tram No. 92 (direction Kirschallee), stop Johan-Bouman-Platz
By car: A 10, exit Potsdam-Nord, B 273 direction Potsdam

Users can easily access the collections' stock via personal names or film titles. Extensive databases are available and our archivists will be happy to assist you. The collections of Filmmuseum Potsdam are publicly accessible after advance reservation by phone or in written form. Since 1990, research work at the collections has been facilitated by constant reviews, evaluations and registrations of the stored items. Object-related databases contain almost every collected item - that’s why most user requests can be dealt with quickly and successfully. As a matter of course, our archivists will assist researchers. Only in special cases the Filmmuseum Potsdam disposes of the copyrights. Services, such as information, reviews of stored items and lending, are subject to the museum’s scale of charges and fees.

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Accessible depot
Representative parts of the technology collection and the personal objects are stored as accessible depots and can be visited (Admission: 2.50 Euros). Make an appointment: / +49-(0)331-56704-16 (technology) and / +49-(0)331-56704-18 (personal objects).

The collections team

Dorett Molitor
Head of Collections

Birgit Scholz
Collections / Estates / Costumes / Written Material

Heidrun Schmutzer
Photo Collection

Renate Schmal
Photo Collection / Screenplays

Ines Belger
Fine Arts / Film Awards / Costume Design / Models / Personal Items / Posters / Scenography / Set Design / Props / Internships

Dr. Peter Warnecke
Promotion / Programs / Press / Talkings with contemporary witness

Maxie Tafelski, Nina Gehrmann

Dr. Ralf Forster
Technology Collection / Home Movie

Matthias Struch
Film Collection / Digital Writings / Home Movie