Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)
Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)

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Spur der Steine

Spur der Filme
The Trace of Films
Contemporary witnesses talk about DEFA
Ingrid Poss, Peter Warnecke

They existed: those DEFA films that produced little interest when they were seen in the cinema programme. Still, there were also those that drew hundreds of thousands to the cinemas - not only in the GDR. Their makers were in a constant state of tension between political expectations and their own artistic demands. In the available, richly illustrated volume on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of DEFA's foundation, those who were there tell their stories: about hopes and disappointments, about the adversities and amenities of a perished film production. More than 40 directors, screenwriters, dramatic advisers, actors, production managers and costume designers have their say and deliver insight into the circumstances of emergence of approx. 100 films. From more than 400 hours of interviews lead by the DEFA Foundation, Filmmuseum Potsdam and Zeitzeugen TV, an authentic inside view emerged that former accounts always lacked.

Publisher: Potsdam Film Museum, Editors: Ingrid Poss, Peter Warnecke (eds.), Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 2006, ISBN: 3-86153-401-0, 600 Pages, approx. 300 Illustrations, Cover: softcover, Format: 16,5 x 23,5 cm, 24,90 Euros