Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)
Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)

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Filmmuseum Potsdam, which opened in 1981, was integrated into Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF on 1 July 2011. Both institutions will profit from this step as it allows them to develop into a research center.

Along with its permanent exhibition on the history of the Babelsberg studios, the museum presents exciting travelling exhibitions.
The cinema shows international film highlights as well as silent films accompanied on the Welte Cinema Organ and screens the premieres of student films at the city center of Potsdam.
The collections department houses treasures from 100 years of filmmaking in Babelsberg.

Filmmuseum Potsdam is an institution that preserves pieces of film history and makes them accessible to researchers, students, and the media.
With exciting exhibitions, film screenings, discussions, workshops, and interesting media education events, the museum conveys film and contemporary history.

Permanent Exhibition
One century and more than 3,000 films later, the successors of the Bioscop film company celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world’s oldest film studio. Filmmuseum Potsdam honors this anniversary with a new permanent exhibition: "The Dream Factory - 100 Years of Film in Babelsberg" .
(On the history of the Babelsberg studios)

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