Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)
Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)

» Welte Cinema Organ

Publication: The Welte cinema organ

Die Welte Kinoorgel;  Gestaltung: h neun Berlin
Music affects emotions - which is why it has been integral to the film world for over 100 years.
Today, silent films with organ accompaniment are nostalgic experiences.
Here you can read about the invention of the cinema organ, how it works and
where the Filmmuseum’s Welte-Cinema-Organ came from. Inaugurated in 1929,
it has been pleasing the audience in Potsdam since 1993.
As soon as an organist sits down at the organ, which barely escaped the scrapyard,
cinemagoers realise what a worthwhile rescue operation it was.

Publisher: Filmmuseum Potsdam 2009, Editor: Bärbel Dalichow, 68 pages, 22 illustrations,
ISBN: 978-39812104-1-5, 5 Euros