Posters from the museum's collections
Posters from the museum's collections

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At present, the poster collection consists of approx. 12,000 different posters of various sizes. Again, the focus lies on German film as well as on posters of international productions used by German distributors. Additionally, there is a stock containing posters of Potsdam Film Museum events.
Posters of Progress Filmverleih from 1945 to 1990 form the collection’s main part. The stock on the entire production of GDR feature films is almost complete. Also, a large part of feature-length documentary films is represented.

Plakat zum DEFA-Film \"Roman einer jungen Ehe\" (1952)
Plakat zur DEFA-Wochenschau \"Der Augenzeuge\"
Plakat zum DEFA-Dokumentarfilm \"Das Jahr 1945\" (1984)

GDR cinema history is almost completely documented by numerous international, particularly Eastern European, productions - this also applies to the programmes collection.

Plakat für den Film \"Sein bester Freund\" (1937)

The pre-1945 stock is small. Exceptions are, e.g., posters from films with Hans Albers, Zarah Leander or Harry Piel.

Posters from abroad complement the collection, e.g., a small stock of Cuban posters is available as well as Polish posters for German and international productions, which are of great significance with regard to graphics. Especially current productions contribute to the permanent growth of this part of the collection.