Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)
Filmmuseum Potsdam; F: J. Leopold (FMP)

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Hans Albers - Ein Leben in Bildern

Hans Albers - Ein Leben in Bildern
("Hans Albers - A Life in Pictures")
UFA star Hans Albers was most succesful during the Nazi era, but he was also considered as a personification of masculinity for a long time afterwards.

The image of the "blond Hans" boiled down to two icons within half a century: Albers flying through the air on a cannonball as Baron von Münchhausen and Albers singing melancholic and frivolous songs as a sailor. An extensive picture biography, including some rare photos and an essay by Bärbel Dalichow, draws the picture of a man who turned into an male idol.

Publisher: Potsdam Film Museum, Editor: Elke Schieber, Henschel Verlag, 1997, ISBN 3-89487-282-9, 178 pages, 200 illustrations, 24 x 27 cm, hardcover 7.50 Euros

Oskar Messter - Filmpionier der Kaiserzeit

>Oskar Messter - Filmpionier der Kaiserzeit
("Oskar Messter - Film Pioneer from Imperial Germany")
Oskar Messters was an inventor, entrepreneur and director - that is, a modern man of the kind we're desperately looking for nowadays.
Oskar Messter was an inventor, businessman and director. The 100th anniversary of cinema celebrations opened with an exhibition on Oskar Messter, whose technological inventions laid the foundation for the development of the German film industry. The richly illustrated catalogue contains, besides contributions on Messter's film empire and film and cinema technology by the mechanics workshops, interesting comments about the effects of cinema music and the star cult surrounding Henny Porten, our great-grandparents' cinema darling.
KINtop Schriften 2, Publisher and Editor: Martin Loiperdinger, Deutsches Museum München, Stroemfeld Verlag Basel / Frankfurt am Main, 1994, ISBN 3-87877-762-0, 15,5 x 22 cm, 176 pages, numerous black-and-white illustrations, paperback 4.50 Euros