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Film in der DDR - Daten, Fakten, Strukturen

Film in der DDR  Gestaltung: K. Barkmann (FMP)
Film in the GDR
Günter Jordan

"Encyclopedia Jordannica" - A Must-Have Book

Filmmaker and journalist Günter Jordan's ten years of meticulous research on how film production was organized and integrated into East German governmental structures is now available in the form of a book. Published by the Filmmuseum Potsdam, Film in der DDR: Daten - Fakten - Strukturen describes in great detail: institutions and important figures of East German film history, amateur filmmaking, television productions, the involvement of the Stasi, and film distribution and trade. Beyond this, the monograph explains how the East German film industry was privatized after 1990, who took over the studios, which production companies were founded by former DEFA employees and which new organizations were created by technicians and artists. Film historian Ralf Schenk has nicknamed this study "Encyclopedia Jordannica" and praised it as "a unique phenomenon, indispensable for all who in the future wish to research and publish on the 'finite collection area' of film in the GDR."

Publisher: Potsdam Film Museum, Editor: Günter Jordan, . Potsdam 2009, ISBN 978-3-9812104-2-2, 579 Pages, hardcover 45 Euro
Order c/o Filmmuseum Potsdam, Marstall/Breite Straße 1, D-14476 Potsdam or amazon.de