Nadja Uhl; F: Manfred Thomas (PNN)
Nadja Uhl; F: Manfred Thomas (PNN)

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Society of Friends and Patrons of Filmmuseum Potsdam e.V.

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Friends and patrons support the museum at selected projects and are rewarded with more than a bonus.

The museum has been supported by friends and patrons since 1991 - among them are former DEFA members seeking to preserve their contribution to German cultural history.

At the beginning of 2003, enthusiasts from the film business, public relations, tourism and the economy once again gathered to support the film museum's manifold activities. Among the founding members of the "Society of Friends and Patrons of Filmmuseum Potsdam" are Ulrich Kling, Dr. Brigitte Wauer, Hans-Gunter Voigt, Hannelore Feilbach, Tilo Michelson, Birgit Mehler, Rainer Wemcken.

The society has 95 members.

Join us! We are constantly looking for new friends and patrons in order to support Babelsberg as a media location and Filmmuseum Potsdam.

Contact: Christine Handke
Phone (0049/331) 27181-14