35 mm prints of "Die Schlacht an der Neretva" (1964) and "Fantomas" (1968); Photo: R. Schmal
35 mm prints of "Die Schlacht an der Neretva" (1964) and "Fantomas" (1968); Photo: R. Schmal


Film rental

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in April 2006, Filmmuseum Potsdam has established a rental service that makes a part of the film archive publicly available. Art-house cinemas, museums, adult education centres and other presenters may rent copies for film screenings. As a start, the museum offers nine copies. The first selection illustrates the diversity of the film archive:

Dunkle Wasser DIR: Youseff Chahine, Egypt 1956
Traum meines Lebens DIR: David Lean, GB 1954
Die dritte Dimension DIR: Anatole Litvak, France / Italy 1962
Der Mann, der sein Gedächtnis verlor DIR: Friedrich M. Ermler, USSR 1929
Einmal wirklich Leben DIR: Akira Kurosawa, Japan 1952
Asphalt-Dschungel DIR: John Huston, USA 1950
Badende Venus DIR: George Sydney, USA 1944
Hondo DIR: Lee H. Katzin, USA 1966
Wer spricht von Schuld DIR: Juan Antonio Bardem, Argentina / Spain 1962

The entire film collection mainly encompasses feature films from the years 1919 to 1987, films from Egypt, the CSSR, Germany, France, Great Britain, India, Korea, Cuba, Romania, the USSR and Vietnam, also containing some animation films. World-famous directors such as Antonioni, Cocteau, Renoir, Gerassimow, Gerron, Lubitsch, Hitchcock, Hawks, Ford, Kazan, Litvak, Minelli and Peckinpah are represented in the collection.

Rental conditions are available upon request. All conditions will be recorded in an agreement that will be concluded upon copy rental. Filmmuseum Potsdam would like to point out that it will only provide the film copy.

The offer will presumably be extended by twelve films per year. During the first month of each quarter of the year, one of the films will be presented at Filmmuseum Potsdam's cinema.

For requests, please write to mailto:collection@filmmuseum-potsdam.de>collection@filmmuseum-potsdam.de