Vorrübergehender Umzug ins Archiv des Filmmuseums; F: J.K. Leopold (FMP)
Vorrübergehender Umzug ins Archiv des Filmmuseums; F: J.K. Leopold (FMP)

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Exactly 100 years after the issuance of the building permit for Bioscop's first film studio on 3 November 1911, the museum honors the artists, craftsmen and organizers who worked for the company and its successors - Ufa, DEFA, and Studio Babelsberg - with an exhibition.

Studio Babelsberg has always been a factory realizing the dreams of the creative and the powerful. Throughout five political periods - from the German Empire to the age of globalization, during the Nazi era and in GDR times - films were produced at the world's oldest studio.

The exhibition is dedicated to those who put their energy into the more than 3,000 feature and TV films that have been made in Babelsberg since the production of the first film in 1912. In seven theme rooms, the exhibition sheds light on the entire filmmaking process - from the first idea to the premiere.

Due to the fact that, ever since the beginnings of filmmaking, this process has basically remained the same worldwide, even visitors who don't know any of the films presented in the exhibition will understand it, become curious about the films, and might get interested in watching them on the big screen or on DVD. The exhibition is bilingual.

Theme rooms