Ballet shoe of actress Lilian Harvey; Photo: S. Mühle
Ballet shoe of actress Lilian Harvey; Photo: S. Mühle

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Established in the early 1990s, Filmmuseum Potsdam's costume archive currently houses more than 1,000 textile items and comprises film costumes, stage outfits, and personal wardrobe items.

Aus Das Herz der Königin (1940)
Aus Flucht vor der Liebe (1929)
Aus Die Gattin (1943)

Among them are renowned objects such as the original dress worn by Zarah Leander in Das Herz der Königin (1940) as well as costumes from Der Eisenhans (1988), Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns (1985), Solo Sunny (1980), or more recent productions like Sonnenallee (1999). In 2004, 25 stage dresses of actress Ilse Werner were transferred to the archive. The Hans Albers collection contains 11 costumes from films such as Blaubart (1951), Der tolle Bomberg (1957), Wasser für Canitoga (1939), and Der Mann im Strom (1958) as well as several personal wardrobe items.

Since 2008, the museum has been building up a collection of the works of costume designer Sabine Greuning that currently encompasses more than 300 costumes from recent films (most of which were directed by Andreas Dresen), including Sommer vorm Balkon (2005), Willenbrock (2005), Kirschblüten - Hanami (2008), Whisky mit Wodka (2008), or Die Friseuse (2010).

Aus Die Gattin (1943)
Aus Sommer vorm Balkon (2005)
Aus Sonnenallee (1999)

In 2006, Filmmuseum Potsdam acquired a particularly precious collection: a part of the bequest of actress Jenny Jugo. The collection is made up of approx. 270 dresses, costumes, blouses, skirts, lingerie, stockings, hats, and shoes (same as purses, accessories, and make-up), among them some 56 film costumes or costume parts. No known textile collection comprises a comparable stock from the time of German film before 1950.

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