Cover of the Welte Cinema Organ CD
Cover of the Welte Cinema Organ CD

» Welte Cinema Organ

CD: Welte Cinema Organ

Welte Cinema Organ

Published by Potsdam Film Museum with kind permission of the artists.
Selected and compiled by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thiel and Helmut Schulte
Production: A A Musikproduktion Potsdam, price: 4.90 Euros

Slapstick-Rag (H. Schulte) 1:52
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CD tracklist
William Davies - Recording from 14 May 1994
1. Liberty Bell March (Sousa J. Philipp) 2:10
2. Diane (Rapée Pollack) 2:35
3. The Genius of Gershwin 12:21
4. My Fair Lady (F. Loewe) 10:49
Helmut Schulte
5. Melodie des Herzens (O. Tilman-Springefeld) 10:14
6. Slapstick-Rag (H. Schulte) 1:52
Simon Gledhill - Recording from 25 November 1997
7. It's De-Lovely (C. Porter) 3:41
8. Harlem Nocturne (E. Hagen) 4:23
9. Ain't Misbehavin' (F. Waller) 2:36
10. The Boy Next Door (R. Blane) 4:50
11. Bats in the Belfry (B. Mayerl) 2:29
12. Tarantella from the orchestra suite "Südlich der Alpen" (E. Fischer) 3:34

The artists
William Davies, born in Bolton, Lancashire, started playing the piano when he was 7 years old. At the age of 11, he took his first organ classes. After his graduation from the Royal College of Music in London, his professional career started in 1946 with a job as cinema organist in Wolverhampton. His international success is built on concerts all over the world and numerous recordings on different organs as well as his work as a pianist, conductor, composer and arranger. He has created the music for several films. Since 1988, William Davies regularly performs in Germany as a concert organist, accompanying silent films.

Helmut Schulte, born in Potsdam, studied Musical Education and German Language and Literature at Humboldt University, Berlin. He worked as a music teacher at schools and music schools and has been a freelance pianist, arranger and composer since 1980. He recorded the music for several films with the Jazz-Studioquartett and toured with different well-known music groups in Germany and abroad. Helmut Schulte composes jazz and pop music. Since 1993, he regularly accompanies the Film Museum's "Silent Film of the Month" on the Welte Cinema Organ.

Simon Gledhill lives in London. He works in a bank and refers to music as his hobby. As a cinema organist, his accomplishments within only a few years are impressive, and he is among the most popular artists of this genre. Besides concerts in England, numerous performances have taken him to the US, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and Germany. Recordings of Gledhill playing various instruments are available.