Film programmes in the museum's collections; Photo: R. Schmal
Film programmes in the museum's collections; Photo: R. Schmal

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Cinema and movie advertising are essential part of the utilization chain by films. Thus these materials become important sources of the history of film. A large part of this collection at the Filmmuseum Potsdam is valid for GDR productions. Apart from the various written quantities are packs of cards, beer mugs, pennants and other merchandising products.

Certainly, the significance of film and cinema programmes illustrating and documenting film history is beyond dispute. There are innumerable series of film programmes that were issued by various publishers. Partly, these booklets are assigned to the general advertising material. Chronological collections on three series exist that give an almost complete account of German film and cinema history from 1919 to 1990. They are numbered consecutively, thus admitting a survey of the collection's completeness.

The film museum has an extensive collection at press cuttings to approximately 10,000 films and 7,000 persons.

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