Neue ständige Ausstellung
Neue ständige Ausstellung

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Information System

In the museum foyer, a computer-based information system allows visitors to read up on the films that have been shot in the Babelsberg studios since 1912 and their makers. 100 entries - one for each year since 1912 - display the connections between world affairs, German history, and the development of the studios.
The system contains information on more than 3,000 feature films and the thousands of people who were involved in their making, same as the biographical data and filmographies of some 200 actors, directors, set designers, and other artists (most of whom worked for Ufa and DEFA). 2,000 production stills and portraits visually complement these data.

The contents of the system are, however, not limited to information on permanent exhibitions. In the future, it will also contain facts and visuals complementing the museum's travelling exhibitions and cinema events. Besides, the computer terminal offers access to the museum website.