View of the accessible depot of the technology collection; Photo: M. Greßmann
View of the accessible depot of the technology collection; Photo: M. Greßmann

» Accessible depot

A representative part of the technology collection is on display in the accessible depot of the museum’s collections. The depot shows the range and the specialisations of the collections as well as methods of conservational treatment and storage. The depot can be visited on appointment. Scientific guided tours are available.

Contact: Dr. Ralf Forster, Jörg Leopold, Phone (0049/331) 56704-16
Address: Pappelallee 20, 14469 Potsdam
Admission: 2.50 Euros

Structure of the technology collection
The technology collection consists of approx. 3000 items, focusing on professional cinema and projecting equipment that has been used in Germany as well as on amateur cinematography.

Besides a wide variety of amateur equipment, more than 50 professional cameras have been archived. Among them is, e.g., a 1905 Pathé Professional - the oldest known device of this series with the serial number 18.

Cinema projectors
The collection stores complete series as well as individual items manufactured by, e.g., AEG, Bauer, Buderus, Ernemann, Frieseke Hoepfner, Hahn-Goerz, Ica, Leitz, Löffel, Meopta, Nitzsche, Ofag, Pathé, Pagu, Pentacon and Zeiss-Ikon Dresden.

Editing tables and animation stands
Among others, the museum stores an operative 1930 Klangfilm editing table and the animation stand unitricks 8/16, which was used in the GDR amateur film scene.

Printers and small developing machines
Here, a portable developing machine produced by Geyer in 1940 is especially remarkable.

Special equipment, lighting and sound equipment
Items include (among others): two Zeiss-Ikon Dresden projectors for rear projection, a 7 m crane produced by Lokomotivbau Babelsberg for DEFA, a 1910 phonographic sound system on the model of Georges Mendel and a record player produced by Messter-Filmton Gesellschaft in 1928.

The archive houses a restoration workshop mainly for the restoration of technical devices.
Contact: Dietmar Linke, Phone (0049/331) 56704-19